Senior Sessions Info - Laura Vlieg

Now Accepting Class of 2020 - Book Now!

You've spent the last 18 years learning, growing, changing, and developing the style, talents, and interests that make you YOU. Whether you're off to work, college, or some other grand adventure next year, I want to help you celebrate this milestone moment in your life by capturing memories that will last a life time. 

But why choose ME?

There are lots of brilliant photographers out there, so how do you choose the right one? I say: Find the photographer who makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, the photographer who gets you, and can help portray that to your family and friends.

Whether your thing is horses, drama club, sports, Pokemon Go!, music, film, video games, or thinking that every single thing I just mentioned is super lame - I promise to hear you out - your loves and hates, your hobbies and interests, and your goals for the future.

"But Laura!" you say, "You can't capture those things in a portrait." Touché, my friend. But I CAN capture the smile on your face as you talk about that art show you won, the glimmer in your eye as you tell me what your major is going to be, or the laugh as you tell me about the time you and your friends snuck out at night and put lawn signs around the neighborhood turning it into a giant Monopoly board (yup, I actually did that in high school).

So, if you're ready to give me a shot (get it? ... okay, bad pun, I know), send me an email at or book your session directly using the "Book Now" button below.

All prices listed include the photo session and edited images delivered via an online gallery with download and print rights as well as the option to purchase photo prints and products through this website.

NOTE: A per-mile travel fee will be charged for locations more than 25 miles from Dayton OH. 

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