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As we all take time to figure out how we can help others during this COVID-19 pandemic, I have been reflecting on the ways I can support the community that has been so welcoming to me over this past year, and worrying about the ramifications of the quickly changing economic landscape that has arisen in light of the pandemic. I cannot help but feel worried for all of the small business owners, service industry employees, single parents, hourly employees, and so many others who will be facing extreme hardship in the weeks and months to come. When reading a recent social media post asking how we can support each other, I noticed one person said "give local small business shoutouts and support." So that is what I would like to do in this post... give a big ol' shout out to a small business here in the Dayton Ohio area that is near and dear to my heart.

I have had the pleasure of working with The City Coffeehouse in Huber Heights, Ohio for the past few months. It has been an absolute joy to watch this female owned, locally owned business take off in a community that has been both welcoming and welcomed in the awesome mid-1800's farmhouse turned coffee shop. Immersing myself in the culture at The City Coffeehouse has allowed me to really understand its aims, and help create images that convey the themes that owners Whitney Caudill and Danius Williams want to hammer home: love, inclusivity, belonging, compassion.

The City Coffeehouse is an absolute gem- its primary aim is to create a space that fills your heart from the moment you walk in, whether it is with joy from a perfectly made latte, with warmth from the homey decor, or with kinship from the friendly greetings of the team of superstar baristas who are 100% on board with the mission of making each person's day just a little bit better when they walk out than it was when they walked in.

It is no wonder then that I have had such fun helping owners Whitney Caudill and Danius Williams create beautiful images that help tell their story. I cannot speak to what will happen in days/weeks to come, but for now The City Coffeehouse remains open, and is taking lots of thoughtful precautions to ensure the highest level of safety for the community. Check out their Facebook Page for details and for the most current updates. One of those precautions is the availability of curbside pickup for any order - including gift cards! Side note - purchasing gift cards is a great way to help out local businesses if you don't want to go out in public now, but would like to support your local businesses as they adjust to the situation at hand.

Now that you know a little about this awesome company, let's get to the fun part...

The products

First things first, you may be wondering: "but is the coffee any good?" The answer is "Yes. Emphatically yes." The City Coffeehouse carries coffee from Coava Coffee Roaster, a premier coffee roaster based in Portland, OR that is committed to exceptional quality, fair wages for farmers, and sustainable business practices all around.

Beyond coffee, The City Coffeehouse carries a range of baked goods (including gluten free options), teas, specialty syrups, and a broad selection of milk alternatives for whatever concoction you may dream up.

The people

I have heard every single member of The City Coffeehouse staff refer to their coworkers as family. I have witnessed the joy of their interactions among themselves, and with their customers, and I am absolutely certain that if you spend any amount of time near these genuine goofballs, you will feel it too.

The environment

Perhaps the four words I've heard uttered most frequently during my hours spent within The City Coffeehouse walls are: "Oh it's so cute!" And cute it most definitely is. With a beautiful color scheme, a giant window and fireplace in the front room, and all sorts of thoughtful little details (including historical documentation of the home's previous owners and appearances), the ambiance is cozy to the max.

Want to see more of The City Coffeehouse's content? Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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