gloomy winter afternoons send my daydreams to the tropics

During my time living in Colombia I had the pleasure to shoot senior photos for the beautiful Maite. It wasn't hard to be inspired as we wandered around from one giant tropical plant to the next, with gorgeous golden hour sunshine leading the way, and Maite herself radiating in my lenses.

While not all of us have the privilege of living in a tropical paradise with lush vegetation, I still maintain that plants are some of my favorite props and scenery for photoshoots anywhere in the world. Whether it's houseplants, a garden, a park, or a hiking trail, chances are you know where to find some greenery. Playing with leaves and flowers in the foreground can go a long way, even when your surroundings might be less than ideal.

i love the challenge of Finding unique spots to shoot senior photos.

In Maite's case, we found an empty bull ring, and had a blast exploring. While the gravelly pit and stone surroundings might not be considered typically beautiful, it added an element of intrigue and drama to the images that we wouldn't have been able to capture in a more conventional setting.

Planning for the light is key to getting the images you want.

Maite and I approached the shoot by following the light, starting in the location that would benefit from brighter light first, and playing with the shadows that result from direct light. As the afternoon progressed, we moved to areas that would allow her to bask in the horizontal light that creates that beautiful glow right before the sun goes down. Between the perfect weather, the fun location, and the down-for-whatever Maite, the shoot couldn't have been more fun!

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