Wandering city streets, camera in hand, Taking in the beauty of fall at every turn.

Reece was so much fun to trail around his neighborhood- he was willing to sit, stand, jump, or strike a pose as inspiration struck. He brought along two of his favorite cardigan sweaters and fedora hats, making my photography dreams of urban fall fashion come true. Picking a small corner of a big city is my favorite way to conduct an urban fashion shoot. You never know what brick wall, what purple leafed shrub, what park bench might make for the perfect in-the-moment shot.

Sure, location scouting is important for a photographer; understanding the way the light will fall, the density of passers by, and the availability of scenic backdrops are all important elements of a great photoshoot. But to me, there is also something exciting about the challenge of the ever changing city street, the romance of the chance encounter with the perfect backdrop, that lends itself to the authenticity of an urban shoot.

Our little gallivant within a four block radius allowed us to have just such an experience, and I couldn't have had more fun.

Thanks for the city spin, cuz!